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Change or Edit an Area

Areas allow you to track and review your month end progress by sub categories that are unique to your business.

Whether you want to track by areas of your BS, P&L, or by the nature of the task, it's over to you.

To see all the current Area that exist in your profile go to Settings > Areas. Areas can be added or edited from this screen, however you can add in a new area directly from a Checklist if easier.

Adding or Editing an area from the Settings screen

Go to Settings > Areas and then click the New area button.

To edit an Area select the ".." icon beside the Area you wish to edit. To remove or edit an area simply select the three dots beside the area you want to change and you will be give the option to ‘Archive’ or ‘Edit’ the Area.

Any changes made will not impact previous periods, only future periods will be updated, this will ensure the integrity of your audit evidence for previous periods.

You can reorder the areas by dragging the icon to the left of the Area

Removing an Area

Areas can be archived from the Settings screen only. go to Settings > Areas, and select the "..." icon and the Archive option. This will remove the Area.

Any Area that is archived will still be visible at the bottom of the page under "Show archived areas" option.

Adding or editing an area when creating a new task

When creating a new task, you can add an Area to save you exiting out of the checklist you are in.

When assigning an Area to the new task, choose the New area... option. You will be able to type in the new Area name you wish to create.

Updated on: 22/06/2023

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