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Add, Edit or Remove a Company or Entity

As the companies your team looks after change, you can easily update Easy Month End to reflect these changes.

You can add, edit, and archive a company from either the settings screen, or when creating a task.

Add a company from the Settings screen

Go to Settings > Entities and then New Entity.

When creating a new entity, you will need to enter the company's name, country and year end. You can also give the company a short name, and connect your entity to Xero for automated task signoff.

Legal Name: This is the full name of your company
Short Name (optional): This is the name that will appear on your checklist and anywhere else that the company name is referenced in Easy Month End. Handy for all those companies with long names.
Country: The country the company is registered in.
Year End: This is your company's financial year end. This will drive the determination of when quarter end, half year and year end tasks appear in your checklists.
Connections: We currently offer connections to Xero (more coming), which allows for automated task sign off once an action is completed in Xero. This is currently only available to our Beta testers. If you would like to know more or want to join our Beta testing group then please reach out to us at

Edit or archive/remove a company from the Settings screen

Go to Settings > Entities and then select the "..." icon. You can then select to either Edit or Archive the company

Archiving a company will mean that it is no longer selectable, and tasks cannot be allocated to it going forward. However all information related to the company for previous periods will not change to maintain your audit evidence.

The companies in your group can be reordered by using the toggle on the left of the entity, you can drag and drop wherever you want it.

Add a company when creating a new task

When creating a new task, you can add a company to save you exiting out of the checklist you are in. When assigning the new task to an Entity/company, choose the New entity… option. You will be able to type in the new Entity/company name you wish to create. However details such as the companies financial year end will default to our best guess based on your country. So you will need to go into settings and check/update the Entity's details.

Updated on: 22/06/2023

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