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Signing off Tasks

Adding a sign off

To sign off a task as either prepared or reviewed, simply select the Mark complete? or Mark reviewed? checkbox below the assignee's name. This sign off process is the same for all tasks regardless of the task type.

Once a task has been successfully signed off as prepared or reviewed, you will see the task change to now say "Completed" or "Reviewed" along with the day it was completed. The full time stamp is included within the tasks audit log.

Anyone can sign-off a task as prepared or reviewed, even if it is not assigned to them. The audit log will reflect the actual person who signed off the task. The analytics module will also reflect the actual person who signed off the task.

Removing a Signoff

If you accidently sign off a task then do not worry, you can remove a sign off by simply clicking the Completed (green) or Reviewed (purple) section of the task. You will be given an in-browser notification when removing a signoff, just to make ensure it is not an accident.

All signoffs or removal of signoffs are captured in the audit log for that task ensuring you have full visibility of when the task was originally completed and any changed made after that.
Refer to the check a tasks audit log section for more information on what gets captured in a tasks audit log.

Updated on: 22/06/2023

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