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FAQs About your Xero Connection

Q. Can I leave a review of the software or service I received?
A. Yes, you can leave a review on the Xero marketplace and help other finance teams take the pain out of month end.

Q. What happens to my data in Easy Month End if I end my Xero subscription
A. If you end your subscription to Xero, the automatic connection to Easy Month End is broken, meaning no additional data is brought in. All existing data in Easy Month End will remain unless you otherwise delete it.

Q. Can I disconnect my Xero from Easy Month End
A. Yes, you can disconnect at any time, refer to the disconnecting from Xero article.

Q. Is my Xero data secure
A. Yes, all data is secure, refer to our security section for further information on our data security.

Q. Why do I need to connect my Xero to Easy Month End
A. By connecting your Xero to Easy Month End you can bring your balance sheet directly into Easy Month End for reconciliations. You can also set up automatic rules so tasks are signed off when completed in Xero, saving your team precious time over month end.

Q. Do I have to connect Xero to Easy Month End in order for it to work
A. No, Easy Month End can work without any Xero connections, however you will not be able to set up any automated signoffs without Xero connected.

Q. When and how does data sync
A. Your data syncs every 12 hours, however you can manually sync your data at any time you need.

Q. What does the Xero integration do
A. Integrating Xero to Easy Month End allows you bring in your balance sheet into our reconciliation module to facilitate your monthly balance sheet reconciliations. You can also set up rules so that tasks will sign themselves off based on pre-set account-specific criteria

Updated on: 10/06/2024

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