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What are Scratch Pads?

Scratch Pads are your area for all those little things that your team needs to do. Whether it's just to remind yourself of what's coming up, or to pass on information to your team, we have you covered.

Some of the most common use cases for the Scratch Pads are:

Review points:
Whether it is month end or reconciliation tasks, a lot of the time you want the ability to pass on items that need to be fixed up. This can be done in a quick manner with the scratch pads. Just jot down what needs fixing, allocate it out and then know it is not going to get forgotten.

We all forget, it's part of being human. Instead of constantly chasing for something, just add it to that person's Scratch Pad.

Things to investigate later
We have all been in a situation where we say "I should really look into that when I have some free time" and then completely forget about it. Now you can just jot it in a scratch pad and it is there for you to check off later. This is great for those items found at month end that don't warrant stopping the process or posting the journal, but should really be fixed before the next month end.

Work for the week
If your team does Monday morning team meetings to discuss the week, scratch pads are the perfect place to jot down what the team hopes to tick off for the week.

Mini projects
While Scratch Pads are not a full project management tool, they are great for those jobs that need input from multiple people in the team and take weeks to get through.

Replace your physical paper with scratch pads as your online and team to-do list.

Review list
Make your managers life easy by giving them a clear list of all the items you need them to review.

Team management
Whether management a team, or managing your managers time, scratch pads are great for outlining what needs to be done and who it is sitting with.

Let us know how you use your scratch pads by emailing us at, and we will include your use case above.

Updated on: 10/06/2024

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