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Creating a new Scratch Pad

When you click on the Scratch Pad link in the navigation bar you will have two default Scratch Pads:

Your personal Scratch Pad (top right)

Only you can add to, edit, and see the contents of this Scratch Pad, it is your own personal space.

Team Scratch Pad (top left)

Everyone who is invited to the workspace can see and add to this Scratch Pad, so avoid the in-jokes or controversial items.

Creating a new Scratch Pad

To create a new Scratch Pad, simply select the New Scratch Pad option [Screenshot], and then

Give your Scratch Pad a name (this is a mandatory field)

Select who else you would like to add to the Scratch Pad (you will be added by default)

You can assign an emoji to your Scratch Pad if you would like by selecting the image icon (this is optional)

Select Create Scratch Pad

Your new Scratch Pad will now be created and ready for you to start adding tasks!

Updated on: 10/06/2024

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