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Import your balance sheet via Excel

Easy Month End allows you to upload your balance sheet accounts and balances via a convenient excel template so you can manage your reconciliations regardless of what ledger you use.

In the Reconciliations module select the entity you want to import the balance sheet for from the drop down menu and the Import from Excel option.

Download the Excel Balance Sheet Template

The excel template has a full set of instructions and FAQ's within it outlining the format your balance sheet will need to be in (we promise it's easy!)

Once you have populated the Excel template with your balance sheet data, either upload (click on the upload box), or drag and drop the Excel file into the box

Once the import is complete select the View option to start reconciling your balance sheet accounts

The first time you upload your balance sheet, you will need to allocate a preparer and reviewer to each balance sheet account. After that, Easy Month End will remember which team member is assigned to what account and will automatically assign based on the account number (not name).

If your imported balance sheet does not balance (assumes Dr = +ve & Cr = -ve), you will see the below warning. You can choose to import anyway, but we though you may want to know in case an account has been missed off.

If your upload is not successful, or doesn't move past the importing stage, chances are your data is formatted incorrectly. Either check the instructions and FAQ's in the Excel document, or start over by downloading a fresh template

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Updated on: 06/07/2024

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