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Bulk reconciliation upload

If you have more than one reconciliation in a single Excel worksheet then you can use the Bulk Upload function to save you having to upload each reconciliation individually.

In the reconciliations module, select the three dots , and then Bulk Reconcile

Upload your current reconciliation support (or use our template with pre-named tabs)

Each reconciliation will need to be in its own tab within the Excel document in order for the bulk upload function to work correctly

All tab names within your Excel document that either match the account number or name will be automatically allocated, for all others you will need to manually assign them via the drop down menu (or leave them as (Ignore this tab) and EME will ignore that tab)

Select Next once mapping is complete

Your account to tab name mapping will be remembered for the next time you upload and you will only have to map new accounts and tab names that have changed

Easy Month End will now add the relevant tab as support to the correct balance sheet. We will use the same logic for finding the assumed balance and marking an account as Reconciled. If all your reconciliations match, your balance sheet will be all reconciled in a matter of minutes.

For any tabs where Easy Month End cannot find the correct balance, the support per your mapping will still be added, but you will need to manually enter the balance.

Updated on: 06/07/2024

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