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Linking your QuickBooks organizations to your Easy Month End companies

Once you have connected your QuickBooks Organisations to Easy Month End, you can link them to Easy Month End entities. If your QuickBooks Organisation and Entity in Easy Month End have the same name, Easy Month End will automatically link them. If not, you will need to manually link them by following the steps below.

To manually link the entities in Easy Month End:

Navigate to Settings --> Entities

Select the three dots icon next to the entity you wish to link through to QuickBooks and then the Edit option

You will then see all the entity settings available for editing. Select the Connected QuickBooks Organisation option and you will see all the QuickBooks organisations you have linked through to your Easy Month End account. Select the one you wish to connect and then the Save entity option

All entities you have successfully linked through to a QuickBooks Organisation will appear with a QuickBooks logo on the entities screen.

You are now all set for setting up for your balance sheet reconciliations!

Updated on: 06/07/2024

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