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Change your Working Days

Standard Workdays

Working days are every Monday to Friday excluding public and regional holidays. If a task is set to fall due on a non-work day (ie. The date falls on a weekend or holiday), the task will automatically default to the day before the holiday.

To select, check or change the holidays that impact your working days. Go to Settings > Holidays.

You can select the country and city/region (for regional holidays) where you are based for all the default holidays. To help you plan ahead, the holidays that will occur in the coming year are shown once you select your country and region.

Custom and Unique work days

If your company has non-workings days that are not statutory holidays you can add in a one-off, non-working days.

Go to Settings > Holidays.

Select 'Add holiday' from the 'Custom holidays' area

Give your non-work day a name, and then select the date or date range

Your custom work days will now appear in your holidays listing

Updated on: 09/12/2023

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